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❤︎ Boxes include the following ❤︎ 
➤ 3oz candle
➤ 2.5inch succulent (types will vary) in a white high-quality ceramic pot 
➤ Succulent patterned box of matches 
➤ Greeting card with the front of the card as pictured and your gift message printed on the back 
➤ Elegantly printed gift box

❖ You will receive what you see in the first picture (plus any add-ons if you choose to add them)
❖ Please check the photos for instructions and answers on questions you might have.
❖ Please make sure you check all addresses and details prior to checkout, making any changes to your order will put it on hold and delay it significantly
❖ 🎁 Emojis are welcome 😃in the gift message section ❤️🌟🥳🎁

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